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hinese authors◆, however, is 〓"some kind of criti■cism of some kind of○ problem" in society●, he added.●Laughlin was confi●dent that their sele●cted Chinese Lite○rature woul○d help Western re●aders better underst●and the more 〓complex and ric〓her reality of the○ fast-transformin●g Asian power."Wha●t literature does, ●and this goes for in●dependent documentar■y films and con◆temporary feature fi■lms as well, is● to recreate the sub◆jective experience○ of being C◆hinese," he ●said.Literature i○s the original "◆virtual reality,"◆ be it poetry,◆ fiction, dr

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ama o〓r essays, w●hich not onl●y "portrays" ◆what is going on in○ China today, b●ut "delivers the fee〓ling of experie○ncing it, often i◆n emotionally inten○se settings● such as love■ or trauma◆," said La

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    ne doe●sn't need to limit■ one's reading to c◆ontemporary writers●," he said. "The m○ore you read● back into t

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